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The Seventh Ray, Book I, The Blue Ray

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This is the first issue of our all new SEVENTH RAY Journal. This 117 page trade-quality, parchment-bound book features the first publication of W. Wynn Westcott's seminal Enochian work "Book H", which can be called the last great secret document of The Golden Dawn.

Taken from a 17th century ms., Book H includes the black-and-red-letter Watch Tower Tablets that were the original basis of the G.D. system. A commentary, with facsimiles of the ancient mss., is appended. This is a "must have" for serious students of Enochian. Also featured is "Divine Pneumata" by Hal von Hofe, Ph. D. This is the very first publication of the Sabian Planetary invocation system from the PICATRIX. This detailed article presents all seven planetary rituals complete, restored and reconstructed. This is far more than just a straight literal translation. Even if we had an English version of Picatrix, von Hofe's work would be essential to make the Sabian system practical --- again this is a "must have" for serious magical students. We are likewise honored to present Frederick Adams' "Ethers of Aphrodite", an strikingly original and definitive description of internalized sexual alchemy. Fred is considered to be America's foremost pagan Elder Philosopher. His beautiful artwork accompanies this article.

Another first is "Ceremonial Geomancy" in which Fra. Thabion puts forth the theory that the original method of Geomancy was derived from primitive dice made from animal bones, and that the Biblical "Urim & Thummim" were really flourite crystals. He describes the O.T.A.'s simple and elegant divination ritual based on this unique premise. A new chapter of Poke Runyon's outrageous magical serial "Adamson's Quest" barely slips by the censor. . . A Memorial to fantasy writer Lin Carter, and other interesting features are presented -- including the traditional Seventh Ray cartoon, making this premier issue of the re-born Seventh Ray a magical collector's item. Printing is strictly limited. Available by subscription only.

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