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The Book of Solomon's Magick

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This is the indispensable companion volume to our sensational video, THE MAGICK OF SOLOMON, 232 pages p.b., profusely illustrated and including two full color plates of the Four Great Archangels plus The Master Mandala of Goetia/Almadel Magick. The Chapters include: Hypnosis and Yoga, The Secret of the Dark Mirror, Fallen Angels and Pagan Gods, The Secret of the Holy Table, The Kabbalah of Wizardry, The Architecture of our Magical System, Arabian Origins of Magick and Witchcraft, The Hermetic Caduceus, The Ba'al-Astarte Mythos, and Solomon's Sex Magick. All the rituals seen in the video are included in the complete form and thoroughly explained.

For the first time ever the 72 Spirits of Solomon's Brass Vessel are described, along with astrological and mythological notations, and with their original sigils directly from the ancient Lemegeton manuscript. For the first time the never-before-seen sigils of the Kings of Goetia Quadrants are revealed.

The sigils of the 72 Shemhamephorash Angels are also given in their authentic form directly from S.L. MacGregor Mathers' original manuscript...and the Pagan Tetragrammaton is revealed! The Western Kabbalistic, Magical Psychic Center (chakra) system explained and diagrammed for practical use...

The awesome secrets of Dark Mirror Sex Magick are correctly explained for the first time. You will learn how to perform the forbidden sensual-Mesmeric "Assumption of Goddessform" operation and The Hieros Gamos (Great Rite) of Ba'al and Astarte. This chapter alone is worth the price of the book!

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