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Secrets of the Golden Dawn Cypher Manuscript, 2nd Edition, Hardcover

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This is an up-dated and extended version of the original title published by C.H.S. in 1997 in paperback. This new Second Edition is bound in indigo pebble-grain imitation leather with gold embossed lettering and Golden Dawn logo. It contains new information about the real identity of the mysterious Fraulein Sprengel, and a new appendix on the Horos affair, and Aleister Crowley's connection to the Golden Dawn. All the original features from the first edition remain, including Golden Dawn authority Robert A. Gilbert's article From Cipher to Enigma, with facsimiles from Wynn Westcott's previously unpublished cipher notes. This is the only published version of the Golden Dawn Cypher (Cipher) Manuscript that is fully annotated, explained and analyzed. All folios, including the missing pages -- whether authentic or not -- are included. All manuscript folios are photo reproduced from the original cypher text with the decipherment, and explanatory notes, on the facing page. Also included are color photos of actual Golden Dawn rites, and a reproduction of a seldom seen Golden Dawn scroll The Flaming Sword from the Theoricus (2=9) initiation. This work is intended as a reference for scholars and occultists alike. It has a study guide and an extensive bibliography. The Forward to this book was contributed by the noted Golden Dawn writer Pat Zalewski.

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