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From the producers of The Magick of Solomon
and Dark Mirror of Magick

The Rites
of Magick




The Magical



Written and Narrated by Poke Runyon
DVD running time: 90 minutes

The Secret Rites, Magical Empowerments and Powerful Techniques of a Magical Tradition older than the Golden Dawn's Cypher Manuscript...

Accompany your host, anthropologist and ceremonial magician Poke Runyon, as he conducts you on a Magical journey into the hitherto Secret Realms of Hermetic Yoga (our Western counterpart to Tibetan Tantras), Magical Pathworkings (Inner Plane Projection), Seasonal Ceremonies (The ancient Rites of Melchizedek and Solomon), The Magical Eucharist (the ultimate transub-stantiation ritual) -- and a complete Enochian Opening by Watchtowers ceremony!

As a bonus feature we have included a short surrealistic Alchemical Fantasy by the talented avantgarde filmmaker Eric Bossick (Massa Confusa ©2005 by Eric Bossick)

If you enjoyed our previous magical video documentaries you are sure to appreciate The Rites of Magick. The Church of the Hermetic Sciences and the ordo Templi Astartes (O.T.A.) is America's oldest continually operating Magical Tradition. We base our initiations on The Crata Repoa, and 18th century Magical Tradition 100 years older than the G.D. or the O.T.O. -- Those seriously interested in this spiritual path should explore our other videos, books, and journals.

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