Reference: Seasonal Rites of Baal and Astarte by Carroll "Poke" Runyon *(Pages 61 - 74)

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The Henge of eight menhirs set in a 12, 14, 16 or 18 foot diameter circle. (Each menhir is erected in a planetary progression deosil. The Solar-Lunar menhir axis is laid on an East-West azimuth line). In the center is The Altar on which a Brazier with a fire laid, ready to start. On The Altar are also placed: a Bell, a Fire-Wand, an Air-Dagger, an Incense Burner with lighted charcoal, and an Incense Boat containing frankincense and myrrh. On the Southern menhir there is Sheaf of Wheat in a stock. On the Eastern menhir there hangs a Sword. Off-stage West there can be a Bench (optional) to be moved into The Henge as BAAL'S Bier; also a Shroud.

Dramatis Personae:
ODOS, the Bard.

VINE, (Lord-o' -the-Vines) the Priest.

FIELD, (Lady-o' -the Fields ) the Priestess.

DEACON, who performs the Pentagram Ritual.

BAAL, the Year King or "Green Man"

MOT, God of Sterility and Death; "The Grim Reaper."

ASTARTE, Earth Goddess and wife of Baal.

ATTENDANTS to BAAL & ASTARTE, with Drum and Tambourine.

ACOLYTES (2) who lift BAAL onto his funeral bier (optional).


*(Pages 62 - 67, reference book)

Adonia 2009 Altar.

Adonia 2009 Ordo Templi Astartes (O.T.A.)
Banner and Menhir.


...VINE SERVES incense then turns Eastward, ELEVATING his dagger and incense boat as he INVOKES BAAL:

VINE:  Yearly King of fruitful furrows --
            Dripping clouds so leaden gray,
            Tree-born Lord in leafy raiment,
            Sired by Golden Solar Ray.
            Thee we hail with scent of Myrrh,
            In old Cinyras sacred way !
            Come to us from far Aphaca's,
            Spring and Shine and Sacred Tree --
            Where roses bloom by lofty cedars
            And a crimson river seeks the sea.
            Come ye forth, Lord Baal the Year King !
            Rain-cloud-rider, Prince of Earth.
            Pour for us the Dew of Heaven;
            Holy Zraa of Life and Birth !


BAAL CELEBRATES with PEOPLE *(Pages 68 - 69 first half)

A Trumpet SOUNDS in the East. BAAL, and his ATTENDANT BEATING a Drum. ENTER from that directon and PROCESS around The Henge deosil to take their position outside of the Circle, in the East, facing Westward toward The Altar. (There should be two outdoor torches placed at this position.) The measured DRUM-BEAT CONTINUES until BAAL reaches his station. (ATTENDANT EXITS Right.) BAAL, ELEVATES the Elixir Flagon and Grail Cup.

VINE: (Makes adoration sign and CHANTS:)

Baal Hadad ! Ham Maleck! (Claps twice )
Baal Hadad ! Ham Maleck! (Claps twice )
Baal Hadad ! Ham Maleck! (Claps twice )

CELEBRANTS all join in:

Baal Hadad ! Ham Maleck! (All clap twice )

Chant CONTINUES until a peak of enthusiasm is reached, then...

BAAL ELEVATES the Flagon and Grail Cup higher, declaring:

BAAL: Behold the Golden Dew of Heaven --
           Born of Thunder Clouds on high.
           Drink with me this life-elixir !
           Dance ye round 'til the Cup be dry !

BAAL FILLS the Cup at his station. FIELD and VINE EXIT The Henge and join hands with the CELEBRANTS at either side of The Henge. They make way as BAAL ENTERS The Henge.
He CIRCLES The Altar, eyeing the CELEBRANTS. Finally he says:

BAAL:      Who drinks with me?

FIELD & VINE:      We drink with Thee !

FIELD & VINE start the Circle MOVING, deosil...

BAAL:      Who drinks with me?

All:      We drink with Thee !



BAAL:      Drink ! ...


MOT DEFEATS BAAL *(Pages 70 - 71 1/2 )

An ominous, measured DRUMBEAT is heard from Off-Stage North. (BAAL'S ATTENDANT may serve as the Drummer.)

BAAL: Who dares to roll the drum of battle
           Who comes upon me from the North ?
           Who marches on me from the darkness ?
           I, Princer Baal do call thee forth !

ENTER MOT, with a sinister LAUGH, carrying his Sickle.

MOT: I am MOT, thy Royal brother !
          Prince of fuin, death and gloom.
          Thou hast lived thy fruitful season --
          Now tis time to seek thy tomb !


... As MOT CIRCLES widdershins with his Sickle, ADVANCING toward BAAL, who has TAKEN his Sheaf of Wheat from the Southern Menhir, holding it as a weapon. MOT SLICES OFF the top of the Sheaf and BAAL STAGGERS as if wounded. MOT CIRCLES and ATTACKS again. BAAL appears as if wounded. MOT CIRCLES and ATTACKS again. BAAL appears mortally wounded. With the third and final slice, BAAL SINKS (in the South ) to the earth and LIES DEAD. MOT STANDS over him. DRUMS STOP.

MOT: He who mounts the clouds has fallen
         He who brought the rain has died !
         Now the crops will parch and wither;
         Rivers, streams and wells be dried !
         I have laid my curse upon thee !
         I have laid my curse upon thee !
         Drought and famine evermore --
         Death and rot and dissolution;
         That is all thou hast in store ! ...



...SOFT MUSIC in B.G. as FIELD faces East, RAISES her arms in adoration and invokes ASTARTE.

FIELD: Queen of Heaven, fair Astarte,
             Mistress of the Evening Star !
             Wave-Born Goddess, Dove of Morning,
             Hear us in Thy land afar !
             Come to us on white wing gliding,
             Come to us on crested foam,
             Bring to us Thy Love Supernal,
             From Thine Emerald-Palace Home !
             Heed our call, oh fair Astarte,
             Consort of our dead Prince Baal --
             Lift the curse of Mot upon us,
             Shield us from the fires of Sol !
             Grace the land with milk and honey,
             Save the seedlings in the earth,
             Give us hope for all the future --
             Grant us life and love and birth !



GONG SOUNDS. ASTARTE, preceded by her ATTENDANT, ENTERS from east to a slow Tambourine beat. They CIRCLE The Henge slowly deosil. ASTARTE ENTERS carrying a Bowl of Water and a Basket of Rose Petals which she PLACES on The Altar. FIELD KNEELS and makes adoration sign. FIELD Aima ha Malkah !



FIELD EXITS. ASTARTE MOVES to BAAL, KNEELING to mourn him for a few seconds, then she RISES, addressing the celebrants:

ASTARTE: I have heard thy call, my children
                 But alas, ye cried too late;
                 Here I weep in mourning with you
                 At my lover's yearly fate.
                 With Him goes the bloom of Springtime,
                 With Him pass the gentle rains.
                 He alone could fruit the hillside
                 He alone could green the plain.


QUEEN ETERNAL *(Page 72 1/2)

ASTARTE: Yet am I still the Queen Eternal;
                 Star-born daughter of Great El;
                 Seedlings slumber, yearlings prosper --
                 Under my protecting spell.
                 In the Autum I do pledge ye:
                 War to make the Dark Lord yield.
                 Armed with stock and stone to grind Him --
                 I shall cast Mot to the field !


HEAVEN'S NECTAR *(Page 72 1/2)

ASTARTE: Bearing with me Heaven's Nectar,
                 I shall raise the dead Prince Baal
                 To reign again in Winter Season
                 With the waxing Rays of Sol! ...



After Seasonal
Mot & Astarte reconcile and hold hands for the photo.

After Seasonal
Mot & Astarte pose together for a photo.


*(Pages 73 - 74, reference book)



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