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From the Tower of Darkness

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A screenplay based on the novel by Poke Runyon. Hajji wages a shadow war with a Corsican master criminal smuggling modern weapons tothe fanatic "Dervish" slave-raiders in the Sudan. Vaughan has a tempestuous love affair with a mysterious bellydancing princess who is the reincarnation of the Queen of Sheba, and who wants Vaughan to help her recove her ancient, golden "Seal of Solomon".
In a desperate raid on a Port Said vice-den Vaughan tries o rescue his commanding officer's kidnapped wife, but she has apparently been sold into slavery in the Sudan. Vaughan and his band of mercenaries battle Red Sea piratess, desert Arabs and ferocious "Fuzzy Wuzzies" in a thunderous climax at a remote desert oasis. Order Directly from Us -- $13.95 postpaid (Media rate) from us. Credit card buyers are referred to (Link goes to product page)