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Drell Master

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Drell Master is an epic fantasy adventure in the style of A. Merritt and Edgar Rice Burroughs, but with erotic and occult elements that are beyond what the old pulp-fiction writers could express. The story unfolds on an exotic planet of sky-islands, sailing air-ships, naked Amazons, vampires, super science and black magick. The hero, Brand of Valadeen, is on a dark quest to awaken the ancient, monstrous brood-queen of the drells--deadly air-squids that haunt the clouds of Thoon--to aid the cause of the sky-people in their war with the cavern-dwellers led by Rothgar the Avenger. Rothgar possesses the implanted Crystal Eye of Doom, and is aided in his world-conquering designs by his voluptous, evil sister Nhur the Enchantress. Brand, and the beautiful warrior-princess Lira of Jhalimar, battle slavers, vampires, sky-pirates, and black magick while the cataclysmic course of events is secretly manipulated by an ancient artificial intelligence and the agents of a world-wide secret society. Drell Master is fast-paced,action-packed, and suspensful while being intricately plotted and textured. The story has several surprises and twists that will fascinate the thoughtful reader. The book is lovingly illustrated, by the author, with a color frontispiece and fourteen full-page drawings in the old 1940s pulp-magazine style Order Directly from Us -- $16.95 postpaid (Media rate) from us. Credit card buyers are referred to (Link goes to product page)