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Baron Blackwulf

Baron Blackwulf is the story of two brothers born into a Livonian family with a dark and terrible secret. One of them will inherit The Key to an old Iron Box containing the relics that will make him the Master of an ancient clan of murderous cannibals called "The Dogs of God". - But which brother is the true son of the werewolf lineage?

Is it the elder brother GUNTER VON SCHWARTZWULF, the ruthless soldier who inherits The Key, or is it his younger brother, the timid and scholarly ERIC? Gunter claims the family legacy, and seduces Eric's beloved NATASHA, a Romanoff duchess, who has been given the most precious of the Russian Crown Jewels to hide "In a very private place".

Gunter, Eric and Natasha are all separated in the cataclysm of the Russian Revolution, and the apocalyptic Russian Civil War. They embark on dark odysseys that will bring them together again in remote and mysterious Mongolia….

In Mongolia, following his mad 'vision', Gunter leads a successful night attack on the Chinese held capitol of Urga. Gunter Khan is declared the Warlord of free Mongolia.

Eric and Natasha cross the haunted 'Moaning Sands' of the Gobi Desert where they encounter the legendary Death Worm, a monstrous creature that spits deadly venom and murderous lightning bolts of static electricity.

In a bloody sacrificial gesture Natasha removes the fabulous Polar Star diamond from her breast, providing the mad Gunter Khan with payment for a shipment of Tommy-guns he believes will enable his Mongols to capture a huge gold reserve held by the powerful Czech Legion.