Mission Statement

Maelstrom Press is the platform for the fictional creations of Poke Runyon -- in novels, graphic novels, and films.

Poke Runyon is an anthropologist and an internationally know expert in the occult, with several authoritative books, and a critically acclaimed series of documentary videos to his credit. (see Google and Amazon for "Poke Runyon".)

He is also a former Army Special Forces officer and a noted writer of adventure fiction, including the novels NIGHT JUMP - CUBA and COMMANDO X, along with a series of underwater adventure stories in the legendary ARGOSY Magazine.

Recently Poke wrote, and produced a sci-fi movie BEYOND LEMURIA (see IMDB and Amazon) distributed by Reality-Entertainment.

Maelstrom also publishes his most recent novels: FROM THE TOWER OF DARKNESS (also available in a WGAW registered screenplay) and DRELL MASTER, a science fiction epic illustrated by the author in graphic novel style.

Our most recent offering is a horror-adventure WGAw registered screenplay set in Siberia and Mongolia during the dark days of the Russian Civil War - BARON BLACKWULF.

If you like rip-roaring adventure tales, written and produced by a master of the genre, then welcome aboard.