About Hajji


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Hajji is a combination of "James Bond", "Indiana Jones" and "Lawrence of Arabia". Alan Vaughan is a British Army Officer whose near-death experience in Afghanistan has transformed hin into a Sufi Muslim with extraordianary powers. He is modeled on the famous explorer Sir Richard F. Buron. As "Hajji Elan Pasha" in FROM THE TOWER OF DARKNESS, he is a secret agnet in Egypt, and the Sudan, in the last years of the 19th century. As "Hajji Mahmoud Hassan", in the Central Asian "Roof of the World", he plays "The Great Game" against the Mongolian Master-Mind called THE KING OF FEAR.

FROM THE TOWER OF DARKNESS, a screenplay based on the novel by Poke Runyon. Hajji wages a shadow war with a Corsican master criminal smuggling modern weapons tothe fanatic "Dervish" slave-raiders in the Sudan. Vaughan has a tempestuous love affair with a mysterious bellydancing princess who is the reincarnation of the Queen of Sheba, and who wants Vaughan to help her recove her ancient, golden "Seal of Solomon".
In a desperate raid on a Port Said vice-den Vaughan tries o rescue his commanding officer's kidnapped wife, but she has apparently been sold into slavery in the Sudan. Vaughan and his band of mercenaries battle Red Sea piratess, desert Arabs and ferocious "Fuzzy Wuzzies" in a thunderous climax at a remote desert oasis.

THE KING OF FEAR, based on a story by Poke Runyon, Hajji matches wits, and occult powers with the mysterious Mongolian lama, Aguan Dorjieff, who aids the Russians in their plan to invade India through a secret pass in the Pamirs used by Alexander the Great. Alan Vaughan, poses as a Persian scholar in an archaelogical expedition sponsored by Lana Verushka, a beautiful Russian mystic whom the British suspect is Russian agent. The Golden Horde of Genghis Khan and the Cossacks of the Tsar are poised to sweep down on India unless Hajji, and his not-so-reformed "thugs" can capture "The Fortress in the Clouds".

In LORD OF SHADOWS he again confronts Aguan Dorjieff, "the King of Fear", when British troops invade Tibet.

In SLAVES OF THE KHAN Vaughan's great uncle, William Shakespeare Vaughan, rescues hundreds of Russian slaves from the Central Asian Turkomen stronghold of Khiva...

In THEODORE OF MAGDALA, Vaughan's grandfather, Captain Thadius Vaughan, saves the young son of Ethiopia's "Ivan the Terrible", Emperor Theodore, in a never-before-told epic adventure...

In THE LAND OF GREATER JOHN, Vaughan's great grandfather, Hieronymous Vaughan, returns from Ethiopia with a copy of the ancient, for bidden key to black magick, the lost Biblical Book of Enoch.